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About us

Our principal is a quick and effective service!

Why to chose us?

An equipment failure can occur at any company. You can be short of a fixture or accessory or even a whole equipment to complete a labour task. In these cases you usually start calling the brand service, the fixture stores and different hardware stores to solve the problem. Sounds familiar?

If you choose us, your problem will be solved at once as our company offers a solution for any problem that might occure.

Our principal is a quick and effective service!

Our sector is diversified and cannot be determined as our partners work in many business segments.

Contact us and we will prepare the best solution for you!


I am selling machine tools, bondings, safety and other goods since 2000.
I could not accomplish my creativity and long-term experience as an employee so I founded my own company in 2013, named Kobien Kft.


Should you have any question,
please do not hesitate to contact me!

Contact person: Schlenk Antal
Phone No.: +36 70 413 1301
E-mail: rendelés@kobien.hu